H&H Industries has always reinvested in our company to maintain our efforts to continue leading the industry in new and innovative products and services. We look for better and more efficient ways to provide our customers the very best retread and repair methods available. This practice was highlighted in our industry beginning in the late 1990’s when we took up the challenge to become the first OTR retread provider to successfully establish an OTR precure retread. Since then, we’ve worked in conjunction with new tire manufacturers and other retread providers from around the world to not only produce pre molded tread for H&H, but to promote the product and effectively help other companies invest in this process. As time went by, many companies have taken up precure retreading and manufacturing including new tire manufacturers and the process has become a recognized and proven method of retreading OTR tires. For a time, Continuum, a Bridgestone Bandag owned company, produced it’s own line of precure retread that was sold worldwide, but in 2020, the Continuum brand was discontinued. With this said, H&H Industries would like to announce a major investment in our retread process by acquiring 18 OTR molds in varying tread designs capable of retreading tire sizes from 24” up to 35/65-33 and 27.000-49 from Continuum. With this investment, our retread capabilities will now include new style Bridgestone tread designs including the VSNT, VMT and VMTP, as well as snow tread designs. Our own line of precure retreads has always been separate from the Continuum process due to our in-house production and custom rubber compounding. With the combining of our molds, we have branded our new precure process – NeXus Premold: Retread Products & Services. Not only can we offer OTR premolded retreading but now we can supply precure tread rubber to OTR retread companies nationwide.

We invite you to visit our website at www.hhindustriesinc.com for more information or feel free to contact us at 740-682-7721