New OTR Precure Process Launched

With this investment, the company’s retread capabilities now include new style Bridgestone tread designs including the VSNT, VMT and VMTP, as well as snow tread designs.

Continuum, a Bridgestone Bandag owned company, used to produce its own line of precure retread that was sold worldwide, but in 2020, the Continuum brand was discontinued. H&H points out that its own line of precure retreads has always been separate from the Continuum process due to H&H’s in-house production and custom rubber compounding. With the combining of the moulds, H&H has created a new precure process branded NeXus Premold: Retread Products & Services. As a result, the company now says it can not only offer OTR premoulded retreading but can now also supply precured tread rubber to OTR retread companies across the USA.