• Section-Radial, Bias and Steel Reinforced

  • Cable Replacement

  • Liner Repair

  • Spot Repair

  • Lug Repair

  • Flange Repair

  • Bead Repair and Touch-Up

  • Tread Repair

  • Autoclave Services

OTR Repair

Those utilizing our repair facilities or purchasing our repaired stock tires, do so because they are well aware of the pride as well as caution we take and use in each repair we perform. By staying far ahead of the proverbial curve in both new and emerging technologies, we ensure the most dependable and reliable repairs are made.

Our repair technicians are certified through each of our suppliers. By having this certification, our customers know they are getting the absolute best and safest quality in the industry. Each tires injuries are documented and photographed during our process. Each tire has its specific repair catalogued with its batch code, thereby helping us maintain the highest quality.

With our TireSystem, we can pull up a repaired tire’s history to see information such as; date and time of processing, technician doing the repair work and the cure time for that tire.

OTR Repair Video