The difference between daily loss and profit or black and red figures, for many operators may very well hinge upon the down time of a single piece of equipment.

Understanding the relationship between tire application and tire type as it is compared to site specific weight, speed, distance, surface conditions and environmental conditions is unquestionably an equation necessary to accurately predict tire longevity and actual tire cost as it relates to cost per hour.

  • Application Support

  • Maintenance Support

Over 50 Years of O.T.R. Experience

As a result of combining over 50 years of O.T.R. experience, research and testing, we have come to know and understand the tire versus application as well as anyone in the industry.

To be a full service colleague to our customers, we at H & H Industries recognize that we must do more than sell tires and offer repairs. Remanufactured tires have more than proven to be a cost effective solution to satisfying tire demands as well as substantially controlling associated costs if utilized and maintained correctly.

As with any product used or purchased, including a new major brand tire, the remanufactured tire comes with limitations and exceeding these limitations will result in predictable consequences.

H & H Industries offers a comprehensive user or site specific tire application and maintenance support program that is focused upon increased productivity and the reduction or elimination of preventable tire failure down time.

This support program first analyzes the specific site conditions that the tire is subjected to utilizing, but not limited to, the following criteria:

  • Haul surface composition and condition

  • Round trip haul distance

  • Grade percentage and length of grade as it compares to total haul distance

  • Minimum, maximum and average haul speed

  • Cutback or turn radius

  • Ambient and surface temperatures and variations of ambient temperatures

  • Loaded and empty weights

  • Available on site routine or regular tire maintenance and inspections

If it is determined that these conditions are within the range considered acceptable for remanufactured tires the next consideration is designing the tire based upon the noted conditions. H & H Industries employs three general build types in most sizes to satisfy almost any condition:

  • The molded tire is a common and practical remanufacturing process. This process provides a new tire look in various tread patterns and depths as well as slick and half track. This particular build process performs well in most conditions but is susceptible to heat degradation without reductions in weights and speeds.
  • The sculpture process is designed to operate similar to the molded tire but has proven to run cooler than the molded tire under identical conditions. The sculpture process also has many advantages over the molded tire as it can use various rubber compounds specific to your application to achieve the ultimate cost per hour results. Almost any tread design and tread depth can be made into the sculptured tire, even L6 overbuilds
  • The pre-cure or pre-molded tire has proven to be the most durable build when considering tire heat accumulation and tread life and is normally more applicable to longer haul distances. The pre-molded tire gives you the same new tire appearance and performance as a molded tire but doesn’t require the harsh curing conditions as a molded tire thereby reducing casing fatigue.

Clearly how the tire is built is a significant concern in determining the most appropriate tire for a specific site but many other factors play an equally important role. Tread pattern, tread depth and rubber compounds or blends are but a few of the factors considered by H & H Industries when designing a site or job specific custom remanufactured tire.

The H & H Industries application and maintenance support program allows you to attain the highest degree of satisfaction as well as performance and production from your remanufactured tire. This program is offered to you at no additional cost providing yet another unequaled service in the remanufactured OTR industry.