The mold retread process is a method of retreading that uses mechanical compression to adhere rubber to the casing.

A casing is buffed and then has damage from rock cuts ground out and new rubber is used to fill the skived areas flush to the casing using our two skive fill machines; the only two in the nation.

The casing is then taken to one of our builders where a continuous wrap of rubber is applied until a desired OD is achieved. Typically, a mold retread uses a blended rubber compound specific for the mold retread process.

Depending on which mold is used and which tread design is desired, the tread pattern can be molded into the tire during the cure process or cured smooth and the tread design can be grooved into the rubber using one of our five cutters. By grooving the pattern, we can offer numerous patterns for all applications and when designed for a specific application can offer superior wear and the best cost per hour achievable. 

Once the tire is cured and the tread design is finished, the tire is ready for delivery.

The mold retread process is a widely used and recognized method in our industry.