The sculpture retread process is one of the most widely used methods of retreading OTR tires in the world. This retreading system has a wide variety of attributes, but its key advantage is its versatility.

The sculpture retread process begins with buffing the casing. The casing then has damage from rock cuts ground out and new rubber is used to fill the skived areas flush to the casing using our two skive fill machines; the only two in the nation.

The skive fill machines then put a wrap of specialized rubber that is compounded for better adhesion and more flexibility around the casing.

The wrapped casing is then taken to one of our builders where the tire has a continuous wrap of rubber applied until the desired OD is achieved. This can be an L2, E3/L3, E4/L4, L5 or even L6 depths.

H&H is one of the few retread companies that offer different rubber compounds to produce specialized retreads for every market.

 After building, the tire is taken to one of our five cutters where a desired tread design is grooved into the uncured rubber. There are numerous patterns for all applications and when designed for a specific application can offer superior wear and the best cost per hour achievable. 

 After the retread is grooved, the tire is then cured, dressed and painted, and is ready for its final inspection.  When the tire passes its final inspection, it is ready for delivery.

 Ultimately, the sculpture process can offer you the most versatile and application specific retread available today.