H&H Article-The Eagle is Landing-goes international

The news about H&H's first step of our major planned expansion has went international! Tyres and Accessories and Retreading Business, both  UK based media companies, have picked up the article from TRIB for distribution of print editions as well as digital in the UK, Europe, China, Africa, Australia and India. As always, we're happy to include and be included in the world OTR retread [...]

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TRIB February Article

TRIB - ( Tire Retread & Repair Information Bureau ) published an article released February 18, 2020 about our investment in a new OTR buffer/groover. Thanks to TRIB for the mention as well as TRM and especially Doug at Shamrock for all the support.

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2020 Mine Safety show

Allen Simpson at our table at a mine safety show last week. We pride ourselves on being more then just a retread and repair provider, and we strive to offer unequaled product support to our business partners. We attended this show with a service provider to help the end users attain a better understanding of OTR retreads and repairs; what they can and can't [...]

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New Solid Tire Facility

H&H is proud to unveil our upgraded and improved solid and foam filled remanufacturing and new tire production facility. This almost 6000 square foot operation is dedicated to only our solid and foam filled sector. With bigger, updated equipment, we're capable of increasing our production capabilities while maintaining our high quality standards. Not only can we remanufacture your tires, but now [...]

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H&H receives Rema Tip Top OTR Certified Partner Accreditation

OTR repair work is a huge part of our industry, especially nowadays, with some large OTR new tires ranging in costs from $12,000 to $30,000 each. Paying for someone to fix the damage to a tire like that is a no brainer. However, finding companies that can repair OTR tires and especially giant OTR tires can be troublesome. Along with retreading, H&H Industries [...]

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2018 Investment

   In October of 2018, H&H purchase three trailer loads of OTR retread equipment. This investment will allow us to increase production in our OTR pneumatic and our solid and foam fill retreads and repairs. We're constantly improving our facility to better service our partners.

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In Loving Memory

H&H Industries | Release: 3/9/2015 Statement Regarding the Passing of Michael (“Mike”) Allen Hickman (H&H Industries Founder & Partial Owner) Mr. Noah M Hickman, President/ Partial Owner of H&H Industries INC. regretfully announced the recent passing of his father Michael (“Mike”) Allen Hickman. Mike was the founder/ Partial Owner and also served as a former president of H&H Industries. Many years ago he [...]

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