OTR repair work is a huge part of our industry, especially nowadays, with some large OTR new tires ranging in costs from $12,000 to $30,000 each. Paying for someone to fix the damage to a tire like that is a no brainer. However, finding companies that can repair OTR tires and especially giant OTR tires can be troublesome. Along with retreading, H&H Industries has been in the OTR repair business since its founding in 1972. As the tire industry grew and changed and radial ply tires became the standard, the repairs changed significantly to incorporate new technology and new and innovative process’s and continues to be ever changing and growing. Our philosophy of building better business partnerships with our vendors, service providers and the end users, has expanded in our repair market as well. No longer should a repair provider become stagnant in increasing quality standards and having continuing education and training for its repair technicians and sales force. H&H’s efforts over the past ten years to become the leader in OTR repair standards has allowed us to achieve unprecedented results and they show in not only in our day to day operations, but also in our products and our brand’s value

We’re proud to say that H&H Industries is now the first OTR retread and repair provider IN THE WORLD to receive certification in the Rema Tip Top OTR Partner Program as a Rema Tip Top Repair Specialist. This accolade is an honor, as it denotes the level of hard work and dedication the team members of H&H have achieved, as well as the partnership between Rema and H&H. As a 100% wholesale retread and repair provider, we realize the benefits of being able to tell the tire technician and the end users that any repair performed by H&H, is done so by a trained AND certified technician. Also, all our Rema Tip Top repair units are manufactured here, in America, which sets us apart from others in the program, whose patches are made internationally. We support our American business’s.

We’d like to thank Jeff Young, Dana Potter and Rema Tip Top for their support and to help H&H continue to build better partnerships.