Public Tire circa 1970

Big Tire Specialists circa 1964

Mike and Jody Hickman started our business in 1972 as Public Tire. Their goal was to create something they could build together as a family and call their own. With friend of the family, Ken Daniels, they purchased a building in their hometown of Ashland, Kentucky that was at one time a hotel, but with some renovation that mainly consisted of removing walls to provide larger work areas, they were able to make an environment suitable for retreading passenger and truck tires. As the company grew, automotive repair and road service were added and eventually they expanded their roles into supplying service for companies needing small OTR retreading which was provided by a company in southern Ohio – Big Tire Specialists.

By the late 1970’s, the business was flourishing, especially in the OTR market. Mike, Jody and Ken found the niche area of OTR tires to be something they excelled at and as fate would have it; an opportunity arose to purchase Big Tire Specialists. Although daunting, the families picked up and relocated to Oak Hill, Ohio and Public Tire was transformed into H&H Industries.