TireSystem Mobile Tire Data

H&H is proud to announce the release of our Mobile Data TireSystem Portal. With this one of a kind system you can look up your companies tire inventory and view individual tire data such as invoices, pictures, repairs, end user names and much, much more – all in real time on your phone while in your office or on the jobsite. You can enter a tires unique tag number and view it’s history with H&H. It provides dates, serial numbers, brands, end user names and if it was a repaired tire or retreaded tire. You can pull invoices up as PDF files to email or print. You also view pictures of each tire. Also, you can view H&H’s finished inventory of used tires and retreaded tires with pictures as well. All you need is a log in provided by H&H. We can show you how to save the website as an icon on your smartphone home page so that all you need to do to access the program is to tap the icon and use facial recognition to log in.

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