H&H Industries Inc. President Noah Hickman says his company’s greatest opportunity for growth continues to be building partnerships with service providers and end users. “We’re also offering long-term, web-based customer inventory information, in- voicing, analysis reports and end-user specific data” for customers, “so they don’t have to.” 

Investing in Facilities and Equipment

H&H Industries Inc. purchased a full line of OTR tire precure molds that had been part of the Continuum line.

Noah Hickman, president at H&H Industries, says the molds will supplement the company’s existing line and ultimately, will be consolidated into a new product line, NeXus.

“This will be for our own precure retreads, as well as retread rubber for sale to other OTR retread manufacturers.”

H&H Industries also installed a TRM Eagle cutter and buffer, which Hickman says is “the first of its kind in the nation.”